OIK Office Staff

Among the OIK team you will find professional backgrounds in the travel trade, youth work, in academic life and in the field of international understanding. We all share the experience of living abroad and travelling the world.

In addition to the office staff, OIK works with a large number of free lancers: a network of local organisers, host families, schools, music organizations, tour guides, bus drivers, and suppliers all over Germany. In many other countries in Europe, we have enjoyed a long-standing cooperation with our international associates.

All this ensures know-how and reliability, competence and trustworthiness. We constantly seek to improve, and are always ready to learn from our customers.

Our dedicated, multi-lingual, well-travelled tour guides come from a variety of backgrounds, e.g. sports or music or different lines of professional life, so that we will always find a tour guide who understands and looks after the requirements of your group.

Excellent team communication and a friendly work environment make it easy for each and every one of us to fully commit to our tour groups. Our personalized services have convinced many organizations to travel with us again and again over the years. We are looking forward to showing you how much we enjoy our work!


Thomas Müller – Managing Director of OIK


Heiko Elfeld – Business Development Manager



Max Börner - Product & Sales Manager



Alina Wanner - Product & Sales Manager



Lena Metzger - Product & Sales Manager



Tsz Ching Pao - Product & Sales Manager



Wiebke Harwardt - Product & Sales Manager