Religious Tours & Pilgrimages

Special tours for church and choir groups, meetings with young Christians, get-togethers, religious retreats and concerts are possible in active monasteries in Germany and Europe. Working with religious seminar houses in many European countries, we can offer special programmes and seminars for Protestant and Catholic groups.

Protestant groups:
Seminar house of the World Council of Churches Geneva, Switzerland.
Travel under the Luther decade from Eisleben to Wittenberg and be part of cultural and religious events.

Catholic groups: 
Seminar house on the shore of the “Lago Maggiore” in Northern Italy.
Catholic boarding houses in Rome, Assisi, Florence and Venice (Italy). Also Lourdes, Taizé and Lisieux (France) to mention but a few.

For Catholic groups we offer pre and post tours for the World Youth Day to celebrate the Catholic faith. Trace the footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI in Germany. 

Other religious groups are most welcome to travel with us as well.