Professional Tours

In this field we have ample experience. Being a non-profit organisation, OIK has excellent contacts with governmental, state and town authorities as well as with business organizations. Professional tours, including technical visits and informative talks with experts and professionals, can be arranged in almost any field – here are some topics from A-Z: 

A            =            Architecture

B            =            Banking

C            =            Conservationists

D            =            Dentistry

E            =            Educators

F            =            Farming

G            =            Geriatric care providers

H            =            Hospital management

I            =            Interior design

J            =            Journalists

K            =            Kindergarten

L            =            Lawyers

M            =            Musicologists

N            =            Nutrition

O            =            Optical engineering

P            =            Pollution issues

Q            =            Quality control

R            =            Recycling

S            =            Social Workers

T            =            Teachers

U            =            Urban development

V            =            Vocational training

W            =            Waste Management

Y            =            Youth Workers

Z            =            Zoologists