Homestays – Living with a family

Homestay programmes for youth, school and student groups.
The overseas groups have the opportunity to live in a German, Austrian, Dutch, French or Spanish family. Get to know a different way of life to better understand other countries and cultures. Gather firsthand information about the way of life and customs of other nations. If you speak German already, you can practise the language every day, if not, one member of the family will speak English. Homestay programmes can be combined with language courses or normal attendance of school together with your host’s child to learn or improve the knowledge of your foreign language.

Duration: from 3 nights to 2 months

Age of participants: normally 10-26 years

Location: Depends on the area requested and on availability of host

Families: carefully selected by local representatives; only hospitable families, who will take good care of their guests

For Adult Groups: stays in private homes or small guesthouses possible (aged 27 plus)       

Homestay in Germany:
Suggested areas for homestays: Depending on time of year and German vacation time table we choose similar towns near Cologne/Bonn/Frankfurt/Nürnberg, in East Bavaria, the Passau area or in the Black Forest and others.

Sample itinerary:
•  Homestay with German families in a small and friendly German town
•  One morning visit to a local secondary school
•  Visit to a youth centre
•  Reception by town mayor
•  Two excursions to places of interest in the area
•  Social evening with families, e.g. barbecue

Important notice:
Please make sure your tour participants are aware of the following: Home stays cannot be compared with hotel accommodation. Staying with a family in a foreign country is something special and unique, one has to adapt and communicate. Your hosts will be interested in your country and you should be prepared for their many questions. Visitors should bring a little present and write ahead, if possible. In return the hosts will inform about way of life, introduce the local community and organise little trips.

Homestay programmes can be found in the following sections:
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